Planning a Workshop

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Beginning map of workshop

Beginning map of workshop

This is an example of how I would begin planning for a workshop.  This particular map is of a possible plan for a Writer’s Workshop for teachers.  The map will be redone when I have to start developing the complete workshop.  This was my effort to get something downon paper – the beginning.  Click on image for a larger view.


Another Asian Map

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Asian_map_04Here you will see another take on the police responsibilities (at least that is my take on it – what does a policeman do? ).  This was created during a “how to” make a map course.  Click on the image to view it in a larger format.


Mapping in any language

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Asian_map_07Lately I have had several emails asking me if it is possible to map in another language.  I can only say, why not?   The concepts of mapping work no matter what the language.  Mapping is used throughout the world and the only difference is that unless we understand the language, we will not understand the map.  I am posting a photo of one of several Asian maps that I have collected to illustrate my point that you can use it in any language.  What is important is your idea and that’s why IdeaMapping can cut to the chase and make major points as well as complete concepts in a small, convenient IdeaMap.  Click on the image to see it enlarged.


Sample map from certification

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The map below is a sample of a map created by Liza Seiner, a fellow Certified Idea Mapping Instructor, at the Palm Beach April 2008 certification training.  Liza makes very nice maps and you can readily see that this map is about eating healthier.  Notice the large amount of information that can be conveyed in one page.  Sample Map